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Currently accepting articles (5000–15,0000 words) related to the Rule of Benedict, medieval monasticism, U.S. monasteries and Native American boarding schools, or contemporary issues in monasticism for publication in our December issue.
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A series of Zoom presentations about how the Center for Benedictine Life at the Monastery of St. Gertrude in Cottonwood, Idaho, is creating a new model for Benedictine communities today. Presenters include Sisters, oblates, employees, and cohousing members involved in building the Center for Benedictine Life.

The dates and topics (all times 1:30 pm Pacific):
April 23: Benedictines in the 21st Century: a new time, a new vision, a new model; Sister Teresa Jackson O.S.B.
April 30: More than friends of the monastery: A new identity for oblates; St. Gertrude’s Oblate Community Leadership Team
May 7: Oblate leadership: Oblates building their own communities;vSt. Gertrude’s Oblate Community Leadership Team
May 14: We’re all in this together: Benedictine formation for all; Sister Barbara Jean Glodowski O.S.B and Tim Oberholzer
May 21: New wineskins for cenobitic communities: An exploration of new legal and organizational structures; Sister Teresa Jackson O.S.B and Mary Schmidt
May 28: Living Benedictine life beyond the vows: introducing the Benedictine Cohousing Companions; Edrea Eisenhauer and Janine Mariscotti

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May 1 – 31, 2023

This eCourse honors the history and promise of the Benedictine monastic tradition, led by Anne McCarthy, OSB, through Monasteries of the Heart.
The monastic tradition is broad, flexible and deep with surprising continuity through the ages. This eCourse will be a sweeping survey of the history of the Christian monastic tradition, primarily through the often hidden experience of women shapers and leaders. As we move through this study, you will find a connection to the history and a home in the tradition for your own monastic journey.

Sant’Anselmo – Rome
July 2-15
Unprecedented developments are changing our monasteries and making leadership much more
demanding. Outside pressures, inside challenges and cultural changes are making monastic leaders wonder:

  • who can help us to understand, distinguish and decide?
  • what approaches and tools are available to help us deal with these challenges?
  • how can we initiate in good time needed changes without losing our identity?

“Leadership and the Rule of Saint Benedict” is a joint educational project of the universities of St.
Gallen in Switzerland and Sant’Anselmo in Rome. We have assembled a faculty of international experts
and experienced leaders from the Benedictine family who will help you to frame the challenges facing
your monastery and show pragmatic ways to handle them. About 150 people have completed the course.
By the end of the program, you will be equipped to shape your best response to those challenges. Details

International Union of Superiors General (UISG)
Online Seminar – November 27-30

UISG has launched the topic, graphic materials, and agenda for the events in preparation of the First
International Meeting for Communication in Religious Life. The meeting will take place online from November 27-30, 2023. The title chosen for the program is “Communicating Religious Life,” whereas
the slogan will be “At Your Word we will cast the nets. We will tell the whole world about You.”

In one of the reflections offered during the launching webinar, Dr. Paolo Ruffini, Prefect of the
Dicastery for Communication, shared: “Religious women (and also religious men of course) can help
the whole Church to weave through communication a network that is not only content to connect, but that translates the Gospel message into the multimedia world without erasing the histories and cultures of each country and the specificity of each language.”

The invitation to take part in November’s meeting is addressed not only to consecrated men and women, but also to lay people who, taking up the congregations’ charism, communicate their mission putting their professional skills to good use. More information at: