The American Monastic Newsletter (AMN), published three times a year, carries information, announcements, reports, book reviews, articles by guest columnists and other items of monastic interest. New issues will be available here for the public in the month following their distribution to members.


Recent issues are archived here: AMN June2021amnfeb21AMN October 2020, AMN June 2020, AMN, Feb. 2020AMN October 2019AMN June 2019, AMN February 2019AMNOctober2018, AMNJune2018AMNFeb2018AMN Oct 2017AMN June, 2017AMN Feb. 2017

The Monastic Researchers’ Newsletter, edited by Sister Ephrem Hollermann OSB, began publication in PDF format, October 2009. It is sponsored by the Monastic Researchers’ Section of the American Benedictine Academy. Recent issues are archived here:

LATEST ISSUE: June 2021 ABA Monastic Researchers Newsletter

February 2021 ABA Monastic Researchers Newsletter, Monastic Researchers Oct. 2020, June 2020 ABA Monastic Researchers Newsletter, February 2020 ABA Monastic Researchers NewsletterOctober 2019 ABA Monastic Researchers Newsletter, June 2019 ABA Monastic Researchers NewsletterOctober 2018,Researchers Newsletter, June 2018 ABA Monastic Researchers Newsletter, ResearchersFebruary 2018Researchers October 2017, Researchers June 2017

For earlier issues of either publication, please use the contact form on this website to make a request for back issues.